Porntrex X Rated Videos

Collection of mind control videos

Jafar Mind Control Stories

No longer writing this genre, Jafar was a very prolific author at the start of the century.

Simply Hentai Comics

Free Hentai, Adult Mangas and Videos Hentai is a widely popular form of erotic magazine that is mostly created and published in Japan.
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Spank Bang Video Playlist - X Rated Movies and Comics

XVideos X Rated Videos

Tube Porn Classic X Rated Movies

Hentai666 Comics

A small collection of mind control comics

YouJizz Mind Control X Rated Videos

Free porn movies and sex videos on your desktop or mobile phone.

Literotica Stories

Jav Dragon X Rated Videos

Jav Dragon presents a large list of videos that reside on other web sites.
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ComiCsmap Mind Control Comics

Regularly updated to a collection of comics, 3D porn, Hentai, Manga and Animecomics

Fanfiction Celebrity Mind Control Stories

Forum - Erotic celebrity stories with the use of hypnosis

Ivan the Terror Stories

Ivan's stories - mainly MC based. Last updated in 2016.

Hentai Image Comics

Collection of hentai images. Japanese manga, doujin, and anime images gallery.