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ImageFap has free porn pics of all niches and fetishes, teens, amateurs, anal, shemales, asian, and gay. Here are some links filter by mind control related photo manips and cartoons.
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Antjacks Blog

A large collection of photos and videos of female possession and corruption.
antjack blog

Wands and Witches Game

By Great Chicken
When you turned 18, you received a letter with an invitation to the Hogwarts University of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Because magic is not for children! It's a fun-based HP-themed adult parody.

Girls Controlled at Reddit

This is a place to share content involving mind control (hypnosis, concoctions, devices, etc.) and possession (vampires, demons, alien parasites, etc.)

Mental Block Wiki

A collection of mind control scenes in fiction. Help take this wiki deeper by adding your own scenes.

Thumbzilla X Rated Videos

Pornhub Videos Playlist - X Rated

SXS Hentai Mind Control Games

A regularly updated list of mind control / corruption games for download.

Hypnosis Gone Wild at Reddit

Hypnosis videos, images and gifs submitted from across the web.
Hypnosis Gone Wild

Free Use Porn Videos contains videos relating to the "free use" of women which includes themes such as time stop, abnormally low hurdles, robots, hypno, mind control. Unfortunately, many videos are not tagged which makes it impossible to keep up to date searches.
Warning: Website may contain pirated material.

Hentai Erotic Hypnotism on Reddit

Erotic Hypnosis in the Hentai medium.
Hypno Hentai Reddit

Kitty Kats Mind Control Forum

A large forum that is often updated with download to games, videos and pictures.[node]=185

Hypnopics Collective Forum

The home of manipulated hypnotic images forum with discussions about mind control pictures and games. Must register an account to read and contribute.
hypnopics collective

ENF CMNF Mind Control Blog

Videos about the shame and embarrassment of women who are naked in situations where they aren’t supposed to be naked, or just situations where a woman is naked among other, clothed people, men or women.

MC Forum

The MCForum is an online community dedicated to all things concerning mind control erotica: stories and writing, books, movies, videos, services, etc. It’s the original mind control erotica forum.