Robozou Robo Sex Game

Your objective in this flash porn game is to control your foster mother, and get her to do things. You can have sex with students and other things. The girls available in Robozou are the girls around the protagonist: his mother, his sister, his teacher, and a classmate. A secret character, a doctor (who for some reason is only 10 years old), can also be attained.
Robo Sex Game
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Most of the game focuses on controlling one of the girls and forcing them to perform menial chores or sexual acts. However, before you can get them to even undress, you must gain experience.
The day is divided into four parts, comprising time in the morning, after school, in the evening and at night. Each part lasts 2 game hours, (which is roughly 4 minutes play time.) In this time, you can take control of one of the girls (once the girl has been unlocked), and have them collect items, do chores, or just get down to some sweat lovin'.


  • Many actions (such as taking a shower) will force that particular part of the day to end; gain as much experience by walking between screens as many times as possible before taking such an action.
  • To have anal sex, the character must first have had the anal toy inserted for a certain amount of time.


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