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GamCore - Online Games

A small collection of games.

Archive Of Our Own Stories

Archive of Our Own is a nonprofit open source repository for fanfiction (fic) contributed by users.

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Archive Of Our Own Stories
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Pornpen AI - Artwork For Mind Control

Pornpen generates adult imagery with custom artificial intelligence algorithms.

No mind control content but the artwork may be used to create comics.

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 List of videos with a hypnosis theme on the XVideos site.

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Regularly updated commissioned short stories.


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Graveyard Shift 1987 Movie

Night brings out the hunger in people, especially a mysterious NY cab driver. He is a powerful vampire. And working the night shift brings a sultry array of sensuous passengers within his grasp. Embracing those ready to die, he controls an erratic but well-balanced vampire realm. Then unexpectedly, he discovers erotic human passion-unleashing a raging, terrorizing evil. When a slew of innocent citizens are senselessly slaughtered, the baffled police must solve a 350 year old mystery of insatiable passion.

Graveyard Shift Movie 1987

Graveyard Shift

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IncestFlix is a incest porn tube site.
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IncestFlix Under Spell Videos 
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Buford’s Beach Bunnies Movie

Fast-food mogul Harry Buford serves up the best barbecued bunny sandwiches, and the hottest waitresses, in town. His only son, Jeeter, will inherit the empire only if he can overcome his life-long fear of women. When Buford offers $100,000 to the first of his sexy employees who can turn shy-guy Jeeter into a red-blooded he-man, the summer heat sizzles as Amber, Boopsie and Lauren pour on the charm in their efforts to win Jeeter’s heart.

The best hypnosis scene is around 36 minutes.


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Adult Games Collector provides visitors with a vast amount of different sex games. All of them are free to play, but you have to download them first. Download mind control, corruption and hypnosis games.
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A Spell For All Game - 14.13

Updates by CMacleod
This was the first computer game designed specifically with the erotic mind control theme.

In the past a cult headed by the Warlock Kurndorf used the "Book of Control" to exert their domination over the town of Glenvale. Kurndorf was killed and the cult disbanded.
Since then the legendary book has become lost, but you are determined to locate it and use it's power, either to help your family and others, or to gain the power of the spells within the book.
Warning: This game is always a work in progress. While it has some endings (and some bad endings) not all story arcs are complete and some scenes have place-holder text.
A Spell For All
Release 14.13

The original game helped launch the MC game genre. Since then, "A Spell For All" has enhanced and expanded by a number of coders. The game seems to have influence the plot of some later MC games. It is pure HTML so no game engines needed to play. This is an extension of a game originally developed by myself  then enhanced by many writers, and programmers. It adds additional story elements and optional X rated content.

Change log for the current release
Bug Fixes      - Some image fixes, one for Zoey/Riley Reid. Dreams were disabled in some cases incorrectly.
Pregnancies      - End game pregnancies for Officer Khan, Officer Batton, Mother Superior, Tina (not as a vampire), Lauren, Leanne, John Adams. Some existing edits replace with actual images of the models when pregnant (Jayden Jaymes, Riley Reid). Two edits courtesy of Wape (game Incubus City)
Alternate Models      - Models from the bologna44 mod imported as alternates for
    Ellie (Alix Lynx)
    Tracy (Casey Calvert)
    Carol (Summer Brielle)
    Tina (Lana Rhoades)
    Officer Khan (Capri Cavalli - note same model as Amy Ross)

Select on first visit, and the transform spell can be used to change the model later. Old saves default to the original model. Note: some other characters have had images restructured to allow these changes in future.
Extra Scenes/Images  
    Added SMS for Officer Batton
    new pool scene for Tina
    extra poledance images for Officer Khan
    additional poledance image for Catherine.
    Mother Superior has pool scenes, an extra poledance image and tit-fucking scenes when she has been transformed for larger breasts

Locale Models      - Model choices for police officers, Nurses are no longer locked to UK/US locale. You can pick any if you do not mind the uniform disconnect for police especially.
Extra Charms      - Louise and Mrs Robbins can now be charmed as a lover, as well/instead of the original slave charm. Both can be recharmed at a later time
UI (Inventory)      - There is a new view for the inventory, a switchable right tab, now the default but you can use the old view via your phone apps. Additionally there is an additional compact view for the icon based view of items in your inventory
UI (Hints)      - Early game hints shown with blinking arrows, can be disabled in your phone apps.
Notifications      - When a new location is revealed a popup notification is shown as a reminder in case you missed the reference in the game.
Sending SMS's      - You can now send a SMS to people asking simple queries like 'Where are you?' 'Send me a picture' not all people will reply
New Character      - Leigh Parker, another bank teller, uses the model for Ellie you do not pick. Similar content (charm is different)
New Character      - Principal Reagan (model Reagan Foxx) first met in the game introduction. Submitted by Mastram
New Character      - Cherry (model Cherie Deville) runs a yoga studio/new age shop near Esmeralda's store.
New Items      - Cherry sells some minor items, the dream catcher replaces the pink noise app. The diffuser guarantees a dream. Pyrites pendant is a small mana recharge per day and a minor protection (works for Elian as 0.5), Idol also a minor protection (also 0.5)
Hydromancy Change      - Hydromancy needs you to know how to meditate. Cherry can teach you for a price (can be free)
Map changes      - New places added to the map for future content and some minor tweaks and rearranges
New Male Avatar      - New avatar, Ricky Spanish submitted by Mastram
Saving Seraphina      - You can now save Sera from being a thrall, talk to Jade. You can after a time charm her

To Play
Extract the archive and it will create a folder. open index.html file in the root of the new folder in your choice of browser.

Need Help
For any queries about how the play the game like "how to get/find x", "how do I survive the seance" etc please see the walk through thread

* Editor's Note: As the original author of A Spell For All, I thank the creators and developers for the great improvements. CMacleod has done a wonderful job of enhancing and refining the game.

Game updated: 22 Apr 2023

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Mr. Galactic Movie

Alien sightings in a Connecticut town turn out to be lusty alien man who won a trip to Earth on a game show in space, with sexy women as his prize. 

The best mind control scene is in about 17 minutes.


R34Porn Mind Control Comics

Free porn comics and Hentai Manga available without login and registration.

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R34Porn Mind Control Comics

Mind Control

Breast Expansion

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