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A collection of goods, vintage and current, to download.
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Hypnofair on Reddit

This is a place for interested subjects to find free content and explore their interest in recreational and erotic hypnosis. 

Hypnofair on Reddit


aPornStories XRated Videos

Videos that are extracted from other websites, including Pornhub and XVideos
aPornStories mind control videos

Lush Stories Mind Control Stories

Lush sex stories is a social network for lovers of erotic stories. The mind control stories are more seductive and romantic compared to the typical hard core genre.
Lush Stories Mind Control Stories

Dracula Lives! Comics

Dracula Lives! was an American black-and-white horror comic magazines published by Magazine Management, a corporate sibling of Marvel Comics, during the 1970s. These comics, along with most of the vampire genre at that time, were the less than subtle script of mind control and hypnosis.

Dracula Lives issue 8, the mobster story, was one of my favourites because Dracula took over the entire gang.

Dracula Lives! Comics

Dracula Lives!


NYA Hentai Comics

 Hentai comics and porn galleries to read and download in various languages.

Warnings: May contain and popup windows

NYA Hentai mind control comics

Mind Control

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Chyoa Interactive Erotica

Chyoa is an interactive adult fiction site. It offers a truly interactive story-telling environment where readers determine the outcome of the stories.

Chyoa Interactive Mind Control Stories animated videos

 A hentai haven for the latest uncensored Hentai. Many videos are licensed direct downloads from the original animators, producers, or publishing source company in Japan. mind control videos

mind control

Callidus Mind Control Blog

A gallery of hypnopics, animation, videos, and manips featuring beautiful women slipping under erotic mind control. You'll also find episodes of The Black Room podcast, Callidus's blog, and a few other surprises.
Callidus Mind Control Blog

Slushe 3D Art Gallery

Slushe is an online art community for 2D and 3D artists to share adult and pornographic works.
Slushe 3D Mind Control Gallery
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Breast Expansion

You Porn Videos

YouPorn is a home for free XXX porn videos.


Your Erotic Stories

Too many erotic stories. Erotic stories free to read.

Your Erotic Mind Control Stories

Mind Control

Hypno DB Audio

Femdom erotic hypnosis, hypno, hands free orgasm, orgasm control, forced masturbation, tease and denial, feminization, chastity and keyholding.

Hypno DB Audio

Free To Listen

ErotiCity Mind Control XRated Videos is a forum with videos and images. The Hypnosis & Mind Control Collection is a list of movies that may be downloaded.
ErotiCity Mind Control XRated Videos

Pornkai XRated Videos

Pornkai is a fully automatic search engine for free porn videos. It does not contain any of it's own content.
Warning: Links may take you to spam sites
Pornkai Mind Control Videos

Gina's Tales Stories

Gina primarily writes about mother and child incest erotica, with elements of mind control. Gina aims to update the site each month.

Hypnohub Art Gallery

Hypnohub is a large collection of mind control artwork.
Only select the images with stars beneath - the other images are adverts.
Hypnohub Art Gallery

Adult Deep Fakes XRated Videos

Deep fake celebrity videos from around the world, updated daily. Not mind control but, with a little imagination, it could be.